Matchworld Football SA

General conditions of sale

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “GTC”) apply to all services offered by Matchworld Football SA (hereinafter referred to as “MWF”). By using MWF’s services, you agree to the terms below without any changes and in their entirety.

Summary of themes

I. Purpose
II. Sale of tickets
2.1 Benefits
2.2 Conclusion of the contract
2.3 Shipping of Tickets
2.4 Prohibition of the resale of tickets
2.5 Advertising and drawings
2.6 Price
2.7 Payment
2.8 Return, refund, transfer and exchange
2.9 Obligations of the ticket buyer when attending the event or visiting the company
2.10 Goods
III. Contact tracing
IV. Other services of the organiser
V. Responsibilities of Ticket Buyer and User
VI. MWF rights
VII. Guarantee
VIII. Responsibility
IX. Cases of force majeure
X. Intellectual property
XI. Final provisions

I. Purpose

1.1 General
The use of personal data is governed by the privacy statement. The privacy statement is an integral part of these GTC.

1.2 Ticketing

MWF operates a banknote marketing organisation. Ticket purchasers (“ticket purchasers”) may purchase tickets for events (hereinafter referred to as “events”) via different sales channels (figure 1.2.2).

The purpose of these GTC is the use of services, which MWF provides to ticket purchasers through the following sales channels: Websites such as, as well as partner sites made available by MWF (‘online shop’), the various MWF mobile applications hereinafter referred to as ‘mobile applications’, call centres operated by and for MWF, presale points operated by third parties (online shop, mobile applications, call centres and pre-sale points, hereinafter ‘sales channels’) or, in the future, other additional sales channels. Acceptance of these GTC is achieved by the use of the corresponding services. If the ticket buyer uses different services from MWF, he may be urged to renew his acceptance of the GTC by clicking on the corresponding confirmation field.

1.3 Contact tracing and other services
MWF allows organisers and operators to comply with their legal obligations regarding tracing contact.

MWF allows operators to provide other services such as bookings, waiting list registrations, provision of information such as event programmes, match schedules, etc. Contracts are made between MWF and the user of the service (hereinafter “user”). These GTCs are deemed to be accepted for the use of the corresponding services. When the user uses certain MWF services, he may be required to renew his approval of the GTC by clicking on a corresponding confirmation box.

II. Ticket distribution services

2.1 Benefits

The MWF conditions accessible through the sales channels apply to all services. MWF may at any time change the scope of services or suspend the performance of services.

Through the sales channels, MWF allows the conclusion of contracts between the ticket buyer and the operator. MWF works here as an organiser. This contract is concluded exclusively between the ticket purchaser and the organiser, on the basis of these terms and conditions and on the basis of MWF’s terms and conditions.

When using the services and products of MWF’s partner companies, the ticket buyer accepts the applicable terms and/or conditions of use of such partner companies.

2.2 Conclusion of the contract

2.2.1 Order from the buyer of tickets
The overview of accessible tickets, provided in the sales channels, is only valid as an invitation to an offer from the ticket buyer. The buyer of the tickets makes his choice through the sales channels. The ticket buyer makes his selection via the corresponding sales channel. The selection made is displayed in the shopping cart (online shop). By confirming the order, the ticket buyer confirms his mandatory offer for the purchase of the selected tickets. The buyer of the tickets is required to provide the necessary information exhaustively and correctly during the ordering procedure.

2.2.2 Registration
To place an order via the online store or in the mobile app (hereinafter “online order”), the ticket buyer must identify himself in the online shop with his username or email address and with his password (hereinafter “access data”); the user account corresponding to the “online account”).

The access data, communicated to the ticket purchaser, are intended for personal use by the ticket buyer and must be treated confidentially. All orders placed through the online account are assigned to the ticket buyer as the holder of the online account and are mandatory for the buyer.

2.2.3 Order Confirmation
When ordering via the online shop, the ticket buyer will receive an order confirmation by e-mail after the end of the order process. This confirmation is not yet valid as acceptance of the offer by MWF.

2.2.4 Acceptance by MWF
The contract for the purchase of a ticket between the ticket purchaser and MWF is concluded only when the tickets are sent, made available or delivered to the ticket purchaser. Shipping, accessibility, delivery or unlocking takes place only after receipt of payment from the buyer by MWF, regardless of the method of payment.

2.2.5 Custom Tickets
The organiser has the right to customise the tickets. For this purpose, it may print on the ticket the personal data of the person entitled to it. Only the person whose name appears on the ticket will have access to the reserved event. If a buyer buys tickets for more than one person, he will have to make sure that the personal data of all persons are indicated on the tickets in a complete and faithful manner.

2.3.1 General
The decision on the choice of the type of shipment belongs to MWF. The ticket can be delivered by e-mail with a download link to the PDF file of the print@home ticket (both by barcode and QR code; hereinafter “print@home ticket”).
The ticket buyer is required to check the tickets directly after receipt. In the case of personalised tickets, the ticket buyer is required in particular to check whether the personalised data is correct. The buyer of the ticket must notify MWF of damages to tickets sent electronically in relation to tickets ordered within 3 working days. If the purchaser of the ticket omits the said notification, the delivered tickets are valid as authorised (Art. 201 CO).
The profit and risk pass to the purchaser of tickets at the time of dispatch from MWF’s headquarters (Art. 74 (2) CO). The ticket buyer is responsible for keeping the tickets safe until the event. Replacement of damaged or lost banknotes is excluded subject to figures, and 2.10.3.

2.3.2 Electronic shipping for print@home tickets
After receipt of payment, the buyer prints the print@home ticket without changing its size, with a suitable printer, on white paper in DIN A4 format, via the link communicated with the order confirmation. The ticket buyer acknowledges that it is its own responsibility to have at its own risk all the technical equipment necessary for the reception and printing of the print@home ticket.
Print@home printed ticket must be kept carefully until participation in the event and must not present damage, dirt or other alterations during use, such as in the barcode area or machine-readable QR code, which would make it impossible or prevent entry control. If the print@home ticket presents such damage, dirt or other negative influences, the ticket buyer cannot assert a right of access to the event and/or the refund of the price paid by the ticket buyer.
The ticket buyer receives only one access authorisation for each ticket purchased. Any reproduction, copy, modification or imitation of the print@home ticket and any electronic distribution to third parties of the corresponding PDF file are expressly prohibited. But in case of loss or damage to the print@home ticket, the buyer may reprint the print@home ticket, knowing that he is aware that access to the event may be refused in the cases mentioned in The damaged print@home ticket must be destroyed immediately. If the ticket buyer has already deleted the PDF file at the time of loss or damage, they can reprint the ticket in their online account. The ticket buyer is aware that the print@home ticket cannot be blocked. In this case, it is also the Regulation under that applies.
The organiser may refuse access to an event if several printed tickets, reproductions, copies or imitations of a print@home ticket are in circulation and the owner of a printed ticket, copy or imitation of the respective print@home ticket has already had access to the event. In particular, the organiser is not required to check whether the identity of the ticket holder corresponds to that of the ticket buyer or to check the authenticity of the print@home ticket. If the owner of a print@home ticket is denied access for this reason during the access control, he is not entitled to a refund of the price paid.

2.4 No resale of tickets
Any exchange of tickets purchased for business or commercial purposes is prohibited. Violations of this rule may result in the loss of the service related to the purchased ticket and the rights to damages, as well as claims for restitution of profits vis-à-vis the original purchaser of the ticket and the persons who purchased the ticket. Persons who violate these rules may be excluded from the purchase and return of tickets. For resale via electronic platforms, MWF recommends the official resale platform MWF assumes no responsibility for tickets sold through the platforms. Tickets that have not been validly purchased do not entitle entry to the event and MWF does not accept claims for reimbursement or liability in this regard.

2.5 Advertising and drawings
Without the express prior consent of MWF, the ticket buyer is not allowed to use the tickets, member packages and/or member tickets in its advertising intended for the general public and/or for sweepstakes.

2.6 Price

The prices of tickets accessible through the sales channels or indicated or communicated include VAT (if applicable).

The selling price displayed in the online shop includes the price of the MWF ticket plus any service charges, excluding payment charges. The application fees or method of payment, are displayed in the shopping cart during the order procedure.

2.7 Return, refund, transfer and exchange

2.7.1 General
MWF is the contractual partner of the ticket buyer, responsible for the event or the provision of the service associated with the ticket. The refund, refund or exchange of tickets is not accepted by MWF.

This exclusive decision-making power of MWF also exists in case of force majeure (see figure IX below).

2.7.2 Transfer of personalised tickets to another person
Personalised tickets cannot be put in the name of another person.

2.7.3 Cancellation of an event or business closure
If an event is cancelled without replacement or if a business is closed in whole or in part, resulting in no longer being able to accommodate ticket purchasers, the tickets will be refunded in accordance with 2.8.6. The cancellation of an event or the closure of a business is independent of the duration of the closure and the concrete cause of the closure or cancellation of the event.

2.7.4 Specifications in the event of a move of the date of an event or modification of an event venue
If MWF decides to postpone an event or move an event venue, the ticket is valid for the postponed date or new venue, regardless of the reasons for the postponement. This also applies if the event is postponed or transferred repeatedly. In this case the tickets cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged. Any change in the date and/or location of the event, whether the event is organised on the new date with the same content, the same teams or with characteristics and criteria different from those of the initial event is considered a postponement.

2.8 Obligations of the ticket buyer when participating in the event

With the purchase of the ticket or by using the services of MWF the ticket buyer accepts these GTC as well as the general terms of sale, conditions of use or contractual terms of MWF.

By purchasing the ticket, the buyer accepts the provisions of safety, access, age and other rules of application of MWF as well as any admission conditions laid down by the authorities (e.g. vaccination certificate, negative test result etc.). The ticket buyer is responsible for compliance with these provisions and acknowledges that he may be excluded from the event without compensation in case of non-compliance with these provisions. In this case, there is no right to return tickets.

If tickets have been issued on a personalised basis, only the person named on the ticket will be admitted to the event. Security personnel shall have the right to carry out on-the-spot checks. Therefore, the ticket holder must be able to identify with an identity card. If the name on the ticket does not match the name on the identity card or if the name on the ticket is not legible, access to the event may be refused without any exchange and without any right to refund.

III. Contact tracing

3.1 Benefits
MWF has a tool to help them comply with the legal provisions on contact tracing. The responsibility for compliance with the legal provisions in force lies with the organisers.

3.2 Processing of contact data
Contact tracing services can only be used if users register accordingly. The user is obliged to provide correct and complete data concerning his identity and contact details. It is also required to keep them up-to-date (hereinafter in its “user account”) and to ensure that it can be reached at the address it has indicated.

IV. Other services of the organiser and operator

4.1 Benefits
The specific additional services provided by the organisers can be found on the respective websites and mobile applications.

4.2 Conclusion of the contract
For other services such as bookings, MWF allows the direct conclusion of contracts between the organiser and the user. The contracts for these services are concluded directly between the organiser or the user, in accordance with these GTC. By using the services of the organiser, the user accepts these GTC as well as the general conditions of sale, conditions of use or contractual terms of the organiser. These are available from the organiser.

The possibility to make a reservation or to register on a waiting list is only an invitation to submit an offer for the user. By confirming the reservation or registration on a waiting list, the user submits his binding offer to the organiser.

V. Responsibilities of the Ticket Buyer and User

The buyer of the ticket as well as the user assume the following responsibilities:

The buyer of the ticket as well as the user are responsible for obtaining the Internet connection necessary for the use of the services of MWF.

The buyer of the ticket as well as the user are responsible for compliance with the most recent security provisions. Access data and passwords must be kept secret. Both the ticket buyer and the user are responsible for each use of access data and passwords and for each action performed in connection with the use of the online account or user account. If an unauthorised third party still manages to access the access data or passwords of the online account or user account in a supposed or proven manner, both the ticket buyer and the user are required to inform MWF as soon as possible. The ticket buyer and the user can only use the services of MWF within the framework authorised by law. The buyer of the ticket as well as the user must refrain from any act that could compromise the proper functioning of the online shop.

VI. MWF rights

If the purchaser of the ticket and/or the user commits a breach of these GTC, MWF is entitled to block the use of the services concerned and/or access to the online account and/or user account, temporarily or permanently.

VII. Guarantee

MWF provides its services within the framework of its entrepreneurial resources and foreseeable requirements in a careful manner and in accordance with the rules of the art, insofar as MWF is not unable to provide the services for reasons for which it is not responsible.

Both the buyer of the ticket and the user are aware that MWF provides its services via the Internet or through communication networks. There may be temporary disruptions or interruptions in the performance of MWF’s services, in particular due to technical malfunctions, disturbances and disruptions or interruptions of communication networks and due to a breakdown of IT infrastructure or other parts of the infrastructure necessary to perform the service. Therefore, MWF does not provide any guarantee as to the uninterrupted availability, proper functioning and absence of defect of its services.

VIII. Responsibility

8.1 Responsibility of MWF

In the event of a breach of its own contractual obligations arising from these GTC, MWF assumes unlimited liability against the ticket purchaser and/or the user for direct and proven damages due to intentional unlawful act or gross negligence.

Any liability is expressly excluded for indirect or consequential damages. Consequential damages include loss of earnings, reputational damage and loss of data due to malfunction or temporary unavailability of MWF’s services, transmission error, delayed dispatch of tickets, reservations, waiting list entries or MWF entry cards, incorrect indications of prices or services, or errors in booking confirmations. MWF also disclaims any responsibility for the content on the websites of the organisers or operators as well as other third parties that refer to online shops. To the extent permitted by law, any liability of MWF for auxiliaries is excluded.

8.2 Accountability of Ticket Buyer

The purchaser of tickets is liable to MWF, without limitation, for damages caused by intentional wrongful act or negligence. The ticket buyer fully guarantees MWF against all claims of third parties that may result from a failure by the ticket buyer to comply with its obligations or the breach of these GTC.

The ticket buyer is required to reimburse MWF for any costs incurred by improper use or fraudulent use of the ticket purchaser’s password. The buyer of print@home tickets is also required to compensate MWF for any damage related to the unauthorised use of additional or modified prints, reproductions, copies or imitations.

8.3 User responsibility
The user is liable to MWF, without limitation, for damage caused by intentional wrongful act or negligence. The user releases MWF in full from any third-party claims arising from the use of MWF’s services or which may result from a breach of these GTC by the user.

IX. Cases of force majeure

If the event or company, due to a health crisis (e.g., an epidemic or pandemic, regardless of the number of propagation waves that have already occurred) or similar force majeure (i.e. an external, unpredictable event that cannot be avoided or cannot be avoided in time, even by exercising due diligence and using technically and economically reasonable means, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, failure of telecommunications links, strikes, official measures etc.), is cancelled or postponed by MWF, the contract between the ticket purchaser and the organiser remains valid.

X. Intellectual property

The online shops, websites and all content of MWF accessible through the online shops or the websites of MWF (hereinafter referred to as the “contents”) they belong exclusively and in full to MWF. Online shops and websites may contain references to the rights of protection and use of third parties, which both the purchaser of the ticket and the user are required to respect. The reproduction, dissemination, transmission (in electronic or other form), modification, linking or use of the content (in whole or in part) for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of MWF.

In any case, it is forbidden for the ticket purchaser and the user to use the online shops or websites for the purpose of developing other services, or to modify, translate, reproduce, decompile the source code or analyse the functions of the source code, unless expressly authorised by law.

XI. Final provisions

The place of performance for MWF’s services is located at MWF’s headquarters.

The ticket buyer waives the payment of claims against MWF.

MWF reserves the right to modify these GTC at any time. Any changes will be made available on the websites or mobile applications and will enter into force at the time of its publication.

If one or more of the provisions of these GTC are to be void or unenforceable in whole or in part or become void, the validity or applicability of the other provisions of the GTC or the purchase of the ticket, the use of tracing contact and/or other services will not be affected. In this case, the parties will replace the null and void or unenforceable provision with a valid and applicable provision, which will meet as much as possible the economic objective pursued by the provision to be replaced. This also applies in the event that these GTCs were to contain a regulatory gap.

Disputes arising from these GTC and the relationship between MWF and the purchaser of the ticket or MWF and the user are subject to Swiss law exclusively, excluding the conflict of laws provisions and the provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CVIM).

The exclusive forum for all disputes between MWF and ticket purchasers or MWF and the user is the seat of MWF. However, MWF is allowed to sue the buyer of the ticket or the user before the court of his place of residence.

Payment Method Accepted